Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

3804 Old Seymour Road - Wichita Falls, Texas
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Welcome to Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church Website

Welcome to our Parish Web Site     

This is the web site of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. We are a community of Orthodox Christians who gather for worship, ministry and fellowship so that we may know and experience the love of God, grow in our faith, and offer a witness of the Gospel to our community and the world. Please take the opportunity to learn more about the Orthodox Christian faith by reviewing our site. If you have questions, please contact us for a free information packet. Certainly, you are invited to join us for worship. Our schedule of services and numerous other resources can be found on this site. May God bless you and guide you in grace and truth.

Liturgical Schedule of Services

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Worship Schedule

We meet for worship one Sunday and one Saturday of each month, both at 10:00 AM followed. Worship is followed by fellowship coffee hour in our community center.

Sunday Services

Orthros/Matins: 9:15 AM
Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM

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Our Orthodox Christian Faith

Our Faith: Spirituality

The Orthodox Church proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Greek language, the word for Gospel is Evangelion which means literally "the good news." The good news of Orthodox Christianity is a proclamation of God's unbounded and sacrificial love for man kind, as well as the revelation of the true destiny of the human person. Reflecting on the joyous message of the Gospel, Saint Gregory of Nyssa wrote in the fourth century: The good news is that man is no longer an outcast nor expelled from God's Kingdom; but that he is again a son, again God's subject. Learn more

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Our Patron Saint

The Elevation of the Venerable and Life-Giving Cross

Saint Helen, the mother of Saint Constantine the Great, when she was already advanced in years, undertook, in her great piety, the hardships of a journey to Jerusalem in search of the cross, about the year 325. A temple to Aphrodite had been raised up by the Emperor Hadrian upon Golgotha, to defile and cover with oblivion the place where the saving Passion had been suffered. The venerable Helen had the statue of Aphrodite destroyed, and the earth removed, revealing the Tomb of our Lord, and three crosses. Of these, it was believed that one must be that of our Lord, the other two of the thieves crucified with Him; but Saint Helen was at a loss which one might be the Wood of our salvation. At the inspiration of Saint Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem, a lady of Jerusalem, who was already at the point of death from a certain disease, was brought to touch the crosses, and as soon as she came near to the Cross of our Lord, she was made perfectly whole. Consequently, the precious Cross was lifted on high by Archbishop Macarius of Jerusalem; as he stood on the ambo, and when the people beheld it, they cried out, "Lord have mercy." It should be noted that after its discovery, a portion of the venerable Cross was taken to Constantinople as a blessing. The rest was left in Jerusalem in the magnificent church built by Saint Helen, until the year 614. At that time, the Persians plundered Palestine and took the Cross to their own country (see Jan. 22, Saint Anastasius the Persian). Late, in the year 628, Emperor Heraclius set out on a military campaign, retrieved the Cross, and after bringing it to Constantinople, himself escorted it back to Jerusalem, where he restored it to its place. Rest from labour. A Fast is observed today, whatever day of the week it may be. Learn more

Apolytikion in the First Tone

Lord, save Your people and bless Your inheritance, granting our rulers to prevail over adversaries, and protecting Your commonwealth by Your Cross.

Kontakion in Fourth Tone

Lifted up on the Cross by Your free will, Christ God, grant mercies to the new commonwealth that bears Your name. Gladden our faithful rulers by Your power, giving them victories over their adversaries. May Your alliance be for them a weapon for peace, an invincible standard.

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Contact Us

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

3804 Old Seymour Road 
Wichita Falls, Texas 76309
Tel: (940) 692-0860


Parish Priest:

Rev. Fr. Nektarios Morrow

Parish Council President: Mr. Tom Holley

Phone: (940) 696-8099

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